One on One - Private Foundational & Advanced Sugaring Certificate Course


Private One on One 1 Day Foundational and Advanced Intensive Course - 8 hrs (includes 1 hr Lunch Break)

Once you register for this class & complete your registration process, your Educator will be in touch within a week and schedule a date as soon as you can align. Allow up to 3-4 weeks to train as there is some organization of schedules & models that will need to take place. 

This 8 hour one day certification course is taught in a One on One setting. This is a class for those who want to receive individual attention and condense their Foundational and Advanced Certification hours. You will learn full body including brazilian and facial sugaring. 
You may need to provide models for this class or models may be available for an additional fee as determined by your Educator.

You can choose to take Foundational only but you save $100 if you make a full commitment.


PRICING: $1200

EDUCATOR: Depending on location of preference

LOCATION & TIME: Arrangeable with Educator of preference


Students must grow out their hair. Your Educator will sugar an area on you so you can feel the proper speed and pressure.

One full body model. 2-3 models for Brazilian and/or Facial areas are ideal. 

Legs, Backs, Arms, Chest, Fingers & Toes are welcome during the first portion of class. Brazilian and facial areas welcome the later portion of class. You will coordinate your models with your Educator directly. 


Kits are REQUIRED to receive your certificate. Save up to 15% when you purchase a kit. All our kits include everything you need to get started practicing. We highly recommend our Pro Kit or Deluxe Kit that includes the sugar warmer which is essential to consistent paste. The larger the kit, the larger the discount.

In addition to hands-on instruction, all students receive an exclusive membership to our Sugaring Success Program.  This includes the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Class Drop-In within a year, with your same Educator
  • Online Sugaring Tutorials & Workshops
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • 24/7 Support via our private Facebook group, text, and phone



Cancellation Policy: There are NO REFUNDS. When you register for class, we reserve your spot, schedule practice models and share proprietary information to help you prepare. If you need to postpone class and attend at a later date, you must inform us three weeks in advance to retain full credit towards a new date with your same Educator. If you give less than three weeks notice, there will be a 30% cancellation fee.  Thank you for understanding.

Eligibility Policy: You must be a licensed professional or currently enrolled in an Esthetics or Cosmetology program to take our courses. Every student receives a certificate upon satisfactory completion of their sugaring course.