Columbia, Maryland - Sugaring Certificate Course


Class enrollments are not guaranteed when purchased within 7 business days of a class date.

We need enough time to facilitate practice models. In most cases, we can accommodate you, but this is determined on a case- by-case basis.

Please call the office at 925.464.1002 or email  if you have any questions about your enrollment status.



This 8 hour hands-on course will focus on learning to sugar full body with the exception of a brazilian and facial areas although we will demo a full brazilian and brow in this course if there is a willing participant.  

We’ll start the day with theory and product knowledge, then spend most of our time perfecting your sugaring skillset. You'll learn molding, flicking, paste selection, sticky situations troubleshooting, room set up, the finger twirl technique and much more. By the end of the day, you will have the foundation needed to sugar efficiently.

PREPARATION: Students must grow out their hair. We will be practicing on each other.


REQUIREMENTS: Any Sugaring Starter Kit. Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist or enrolled in a beauty college.

Kits are REQUIRED to receive your certificate. Save up to 15% when you purchase a kit. All our kits include everything you need to get started practicing. We highly recommend our Pro Kit or Deluxe Kit that includes the sugar warmer which is essential to consistent paste. The larger the kit, the larger the discount.



Boost client loyalty and make more money per service when you master the 15-minute sugaring Brazilian. The average cost per traditional Brazilian wax is $7, but the average cost per Brazilian sugaring is only about $1.50, because you can use the same ball of paste. No sticks needed, 100% sanitary. You can charge $5-$10 more for sugaring, and clients experience less irritation, slower regrowth and smoother skin.

This 6 hour hands-on course will teach you the skills you need to safely and efficiently perform the most lucrative & sought after services, brazilian and facial areas. We will help you master your technique.

We’ll start the day by reviewing your Foundational Sugaring techniques and address any issues you've encountered. Your educator will demonstrate a Brazilian Sugaring service and each student will perform 2 or more Brazilians and/or Facial areas. You will need to provide models for this class or coordinate with your Educator directly. If models need to be provided for you, there is usually an additional fee to your Educator.

In addition to hands-on instruction, you'll receive exclusive access to our online Brazilian training tutorial as you work toward Brazilian sugaring mastery. We'll remain available to support you while you PRACTICE!

PREPARATION: Students must grow out their hair. We will be practicing on each other. It's highly recommended that you arrange 2-3 models for plenty of hands-on practice.

INVESTMENT: $350 / 6hrs (Female. Male upon request. Additional fees may apply for models)

REQUIREMENTS: You must have an active account with us.


EDUCATOR: Fyll Callan

LOCATION: 8741 Sage Brush Way, Columbia, MD 21045

QUESTIONS? Contact us.



When you register for any of our classes, you get free access to our Sugaring Success Program where you'll receive the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Refresher Class Drop-Ins with your Educator 
  • Online Sugaring Tutorials
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • 24/7 Support via private Facebook group, text and phone



Cancellation Policy: There are NO REFUNDS. When you register for class, we reserve your spot, schedule practice models and share proprietary information to help you prepare. If you need to postpone class and attend at a later date, you must inform us three weeks in advance to retain full credit towards a new date with your same Educator. If you give less than three weeks notice, there will be a 30% cancellation fee.  Thank you for understanding.

Eligibility Policy: You must be a licensed professional or currently enrolled in an Esthetics or Cosmetology program to take our courses. Every student receives a certificate upon satisfactory completion of their sugaring course.