Meet Our Educators


Myra Aviles

Director of Education for Sweet & True / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Certified in 2003 in the ancient art of body sugaring, Myra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every educational training. In a profession with so many options and ever-evolving treatments available, Myra is a trusted advocate and mentor. She has helped build multiple successful businesses from the ground up that continue to be leaders in the skincare and sugaring spa industry today. She is always excited to share her industry knowledge and networking strategies with her students. Her emphasis on bedside manner as well as technique leaves every student feeling confident to thrive in any setting. Myra and the rest of the staff at Sweet & True are dedicated to being at the side of every student throughout the development of their career. Myra has set herself apart in the world of skin care for the last 20 years. Her soft touch and warm smile have earned her the reputation as one of the best Estheticians in San Diego County. Myra currently lives in San Diego with her three beautiful children, while traveling across the country spreading her passion and love for the art of body sugaring.

Laura Tigert - Sweet & True sugaring hair removal educator

Laura Tigert

Spa Owner in Oregon / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Laura is an Aveda-trained esthetician and has been working in the beauty industry for over 18 years. Her philosophy is that your skin is the best cosmetic you could own. The majority of her experience is in skin care, working with some of the top skin care brands in the cosmetic industry. She continues to thrive in her own Spa, Opaline Skin Studio, located in Portland, Oregon. Laura is an expert sugarist, with 7 years’ experience, and one of the first sugarists certified in the Portland area. She enjoys being an advocate for her clients’ and students’ revitalization and education, while building long-lasting relationships. Her goal is to help every student become a proficient and confident sugaring professional.

Amanda Marincovich

Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Amanda is a major believer in a holistic approach when it comes to treatments.  She strives to have her clients leave her feeling confident in their own skin, whether it be from facials or sugar-hair removal. As the creator of True Spa at Kenneth Brown Salon located in the heart of downtown Huntington Beach, she believes that all of her clients and their individual needs come first.

In an industry flooded with new products and procedures, she prides herself making sure that health and safety are never compromised by always providing the best quality+clean products. 

Amanda brings knowledge, attention to detail, and a true passion for helping her clients feel better about their skin. Her specialty as a skincare mentor is creating treatment plans for clients involving lifestyle, skin care, and most importantly-the right products. 

Mailette Lopez

Spa Owner in Ohio and California / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Mailette has been in the skincare industry for over 16 years. She fell in love with esthetics while in college and decided to make “all things skin” her life-long passion and career. She has been the owner of multiple spas in California and Ohio and has trained many estheticians in the art of sugaring.

Sugaring has changed her clients’ lives and the lives of the estheticians she has trained. Mailette’s goal is to make every client feel comfortable and appreciated.

Mailette knows she is offering the most natural, least irritating, and most efficient hair removal technique to her clients and other estheticians. Mailette’s knowledge and passion for sugaring is undeniable in her treatment room and sugaring classes. She is ready to make the world sweet!

AnnaMarie Jarecki

Spa Owner Wisconsin / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Practicing since 2010, Anna has been a force in the esthetics industry in the Milwaukee area. Anna continues to garner knowledge in skincare and sugaring by attending seminars across the country, training and networking with other industry specialists. 

Anna has worked in and managed multiple spas and now her own studio, Nourish Skin and Sugar Studio - a thriving enterprise where she provides services and education to her clients and aspiring sugarists.

Her technique combined with her passion has endeared her to her clients and students alike. She knows she is offering the most efficient, natural, and least irritating hair removal techniques, combined with the highest level of skincare, evidenced by her rapidly expanding studio growth. Anna’s goal is to provide exceptional quality of service and education while creating lifelong relationships with her clients and students.

Megan Stone

Megan Stone

Spa Owner in Georgia /Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Megan is a Licensed Esthetician, Master Cosmetologist, Certified Sugarista, Semi Permanent Make-up Artist and a Licensed Cosmetic Laser Practitioner. She is the owner of Hello Sugar, a Sugaring and Skincare Studio in her hometown of Douglas, Georgia.

Her start in the beauty industry came when she was 19, as a Master Cosmetologist. Megan has always had a love for skin care and after nine years, she decided to go back to school to become an Esthetician and a Certified Sugarista. The best decision she ever made!

Her love for sugaring was instantaneous and her business was born. Her clients love her easy-going attitude and ability to make them comfortable in any atmosphere. One of her most treasured accomplishments is becoming an educator for Sweet & True Sugaring Co.

Megan is no stranger to student care and curriculum, having spent 7 years as a Cosmetology Instructor, where she provided skills training, product knowledge and a passion for teaching. In her spare time, you can find Megan embedded in the mysteries of her favorite novels, creating southern-style dishes, antiquing with her husband and traveling to her next adventure.

Dasha Wesley

Spa Owner in Georgia / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Originally licensed as an esthetician in 2012 in California, Dasha is now the owner of Dasha Beauty & Esthetics in Georgia since 2014. Beginning in the world of Make Up, Dasha continued her education to add services such as threading, precision brow enhancements and lash extensions to her expertise.

Two years of her career were spent fine tuning her sugaring skills working at the Sweet & True Signature Spa, True Sugaring & Skin Care in Walnut Creek, CA. One of the original Sweet Elites! Sugaring quickly became her favorite service. Dasha is incredibly excited and enthusiastic about spreading the knowledge of the art of sugaring with her clients and other licensed professionals.  

When she's not treating her clients and educating sugaring, she is loving her 5 kiddos and a canine fur baby.


Lia Rouse

Lia Rouse

Spa Owner in San Francisco, CA / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Body Sugaring Educator


Licensed in 2003, and again in 2009, Lia has achieved two licenses in the USA and Canada. Since the establishment of her business, Skin Logic, located in Petaluma California, Lia has gained the longstanding reputation of Petaluma's original Sugarist. She has trained and mentored many other successful sugarists in the area. Her business is well known for her exceptional abilities with brazilians and her company culture is warm, inviting and inclusive. 

Skin Logic prides itself in being family-friendly and accessible, providing a wide range of esthetic services to her clients. Her client loyalty and trust is as a result of her relaxed, fun loving bedside manner that puts people at ease and free of judgement. Her exceptional results have earned her expansion and growth in the industry.

Educating is a rewarding experience for Lia that she is very passionate about. Her teaching style is patient, detail oriented and attentive to the individual learning process. She chooses sugaring for it's ability to maintain the integrity of the skin, and its eco-conscious nature. Lia plans on providing exceptional training to the Bay Area so that sugarists can provide an eco-friendly and gentle option for hair removal at their business and also grow their skill set.


Alyzza Villarreal

Alyzza Villarreal

 Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist / Bilingual Professional Sugaring Educator (English & Spanish)


My name is Alyzza Villarreal, similar to Alisa but with Z’s. I am a native San Diegan, operating my very first local business. I am a dual licensed professional in both Cosmetology since November 2012 and Esthetician since March 2014. I am also Make-Up Designory (MUD) certified since October 2011. 

I initially began my career path in 2011 when I started doing hair (cut, color, styling) and make up. In 2014, I changed directions, and I started waxing eyebrows. I worked at getting the brows perfected to ensure they always shaped correctly to one's face. Once I got comfortable with my work I furthered my skills and trained for sugaring. 

In September 2014, I got sugar certified. It wasn’t until March 2015 when I started working with the sugar on actual clients. It took me about 2 months to learn the sugar technique and about a year to speed up my time for the service(s). Once I had my technique nailed down I knew this was my true passion. I now hold 3 Sugar Certificates and am also now teaching sugaring for Sweet & True Sugaring Co. 

In April 2018, I opened up the doors to Beau Sucré. Beau Sucré means Beautiful Sugar. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most prominent spots in San Diego, guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of my customers. I strive to educate my clients about sugaring and its incredible benefits, all while creating a fun, relaxed, and comfortable environment. There is nothing more important to me than my client's satisfaction, so being thorough is like second nature. I have always been committed to making my devoted customers look stunning and feel their best. 

I still do hair styling and make up for special events. I especially enjoy wedding events, particularly the moment when the bride is revealed and everyone pauses, as if to remind them of how truly special the day is, is the best part of my job. Taking off one less stress for the bride and giving her the best day ever is an amazing feeling.

 In all of my years of experience, I have found the passion to share my knowledge with peers, client’s, and all new upcoming professionals who want to learn/grow. I love all the backbar and retail products I use/sell because I truly believe they will help make your skin glow due to them being all natural, organic or botanically based! 

I love everything I do now and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Jasmine Smith

Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator / Spa Owner 


Jasmine Smith is the owner of Sugarsmith Skin Studio. Certified in 2020, I fell in love with the art of sugaring after experiencing it as a client in 2016.

In fact sugaring is how i broke into the industry and captured the love of my community so quickly!During the pandemic I took on social media to educate my following about sugaring & once I opened my doors it was a sweet overflow.

Outside of being a business Owner i look forward to spending time such my family and traveling to places of serenity.


Jackie Kaufman

Jackie Kaufman

Licensed clinical Esthetician in Alberta, Canada / Professional  Sugaring Educator


Jackie brings more than 25 years experience in the aesthetics industry and is working as a fully licenced clinical aesthetician in a medical spa.  After being a waxer for 18 years, Jackie became sugar certified and fell in love! Her belief in continuously furthering her education is why she discovered Sugaring. Her passion for this superior form of hair removal method has led her to want to help educate as many people as she can about sugaring and the value of investing in yourself through continued education.

Her mission is to make sugaring available to every spa possible in Canada. She possesses extensive knowledge and a strong desire to help licensed professionals grow their businesses through training and mentoring. She believes everyone needs continued education in this ever changing beauty industry to be as empowered and successful as possible.
Outside of her career, she is married and has 2 grown daughters. In her free time, she enjoys curling up with a good book and practicing yoga. When she's not sugaring or educating, she values time with family and friends.



Samantha Valdez


Samantha Valdez

Spa Owner in Montana / Licensed Esthetician/ Professional  Sugaring Educator


Samantha Valdez is a licensed Esthetician in her hometown Billings, Montana. She quickly and naturally accelerated in the beauty industry and is now the proud owner of Grounded Esthetics; a spa specializing in everything natural aesthetics. The importance for her to provide clean, and sustainable products with a holistic approach to skin care is what led her to discover Sugaring. Sammi began her journey in the beauty industry when she was just 19. After pivoting her business from lashes to sugaring she hasn’t looked back! 

Being one of the first Sugarists in Billings to offer this sought after technique, her goal in the treatment room is to help guide clients through their appointment with ease to achieve the most results and least discomfort. 

Sammi loves the art of sugaring and she is excited to spread the sweetness. Teaching other professionals and spreading the word of sugaring has always been a goal of hers. Outside of being a business owner Sammi enjoys being a dog mom to Max and Willy, and Aunt to her 6 nieces and nephew. She also enjoys traveling and camping under the big MT sky.


Brady Lowen

Brady Lowen

Licensed Esthetician in Oregon / Advanced Esthetics Instructor / Professional Sugaring Educator


Brady Lowen has been an esthetician since 2016 specializing in lash extensions and body sugaring. She is an independent contractor at Utopia salon in Redmond Oregon as well as the advanced class/floor instructor at Premiere Aesthetics Institute in Bend, Oregon.

Her favorite thing about sugaring is being able to do Brazilians quickly with minimal discomfort and irritation. She hopes to show many new estheticians the benefits of professional body sugaring and bring awareness to licensed professionals and clients. 


Kenia Xavier

Licensed Esthetician / Spa Owner in Oxford, Connecticut / Professional Sugaring Educator


Kenia’s love for the beauty industry started in Brazil while she grew up in her mother's salon. In 2001, she decided to move to NYC, and she saw that the beauty industry was booming. That's when she decided to explore waxing and develop her skills in brazilian bikinis. 

After a few years, she discovered Sugaring. Kenia took several courses to educate herself to better serve her clients. It gave her great satisfaction to see them happy with their results and has built her a large, loyal clientele. She currently owns a multi-room spa/salon that specializes in sugaring and also offers facials, essential oil treatments, hair services and more.  

Kenia has an amazing son and adorable cat she enjoys spending her free time with.

She loves her life, her career and even when she is sugaring, she is always dancing & singing to music. 

Lisbed Espinal

Lisbed Espinal

Licensed Cosmetologist in New York City / Professional Sugaring Educator


Born in Pennsylvania but raised in the Bronx, where she currently resides, Lisbed became a licensed esthetician in 2019. She was introduced to sugaring at her first job. It became extremely easy for her to advocate for the product, due to its organic ingredients and the superior results. 

In the summer of 2021, she began managing a team of Estheticians for multiple locations & teaching others how to sugar. It was extremely rewarding to be able to pass on a skill she loves so much. 

Always aiming to be as supportive as possible, her goal is to make sure her students feel like they can rely on her for guidance anytime. Like any skill, it takes practice, and she is there every step of the way while they master making the experience of hair removal as comfortable as possible for clients.

When she isn't taking care of clients or teaching sugaring classes, she enjoys escaping to nature, reading tarot cards and astrology, hiking and reading books.

Kim Blackmon

Kimberly Blackmon

Owner/Licensed Esthetician/ Glowmour Beauty in Tampa, FL / Professional Sugaring Educator


A Proud Veteran entrepreneur, Kim Blackmon launched her own mobile make up artistry business in 2014. In 2016 after struggling with her own skin issues, she completed esthetics school & pivoted to skincare. 

Kim now owns Glowmour Beauty and has expanded her business into a Medical Spa with several employees specializing in corrective skincare that involves peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and microneedling. She is also a Certified Medical Electrolysis, Laser Technician and Elite Sugaring Educator. Kim thrives on teaching advanced aesthetics courses and mentoring others in their success in the beauty industry.







Natasha Addison - Las Vegas, NV

Natasha Rogers

Licensed Esthetician/  Professional Sugaring Educator / Health & Wellness Coach


Natasha’s  ultimate goal is to help women achieve that glow from within by combining healthy foods and all natural skin care products. This approach has led me to my passion for Sugaring. 

I fell in love with sugaring over 12 years ago when I received my first service and have never looked back. I enjoy giving my clients this same experience. Being a woman of color and experiencing hyperpigmentation from shaving so many years was frustrating and embarrassing. Being able to provide a natural eco-friendly alternative to women who suffer similarly warms my heart and keeps me motivated to advance in my skills as an esthetician and educator. 

When I am not busy, doing facials and sugaring, I enjoy my time with my husband as an empty nester traveling and enjoying the outdoors. Yoga and meditation keep me grounded so that I can be my best self and uplift others through skin care and nutrition.






Emily Marion


Emily Marion

Licensed Esthetician in Florida/  Professional Sugaring Educator 


Emily has been an esthetician since 2020 but has been sugaring since 2018. She fell in love with sugaring first, and then decided to get her esthetician license in October 2019 so she could professionally practice her passion.

Since beginning sugaring at her current spa, she has helped solidify the sugaring market in northwest Florida. Emily has a true passion for sugaring and prides herself on client education.

She wants every client to feel confident, comfortable, and renewed after every appointment. Her favorite thing about sugaring is that it doesn’t matter what skin type or fitzpatrick you have; everyone can be sugared. Emily is eager to start training students and looks forward to helping everyone understand the art of sugaring.




Kimberly Rosado

Kimberly Rosado

Spa Owner in Los Angeles, CA. /Licensed Esthetician /  Professional Sugaring Educator 


Kim has been in the beauty industry for 8+ years, beginning her career with make-up then transitioning into Aesthetics 3 years ago to expand her love for the beauty industry. Kim discovered sugaring in college and fell in love. 

She has expanded her business steadily over the years and is now the proud owner and creator of Haus of Divinity in Uptown Whittier providing all things beauty with an amazing team! 

Education comes naturally to Kim and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other aspiring beauty professionals to be as successful as they can be! In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her dogs and going to the gym.







Ghea Rock

Ghea Rock

Spa Owner in Barbados / Professional Sugaring Educator 


Ghea started her own waxing business in 2017 called The Wax Bar specializing in hair removal and intimate skin care. Her goal is to help other professionals provide quality hair removal services while helping customers with their intricate skin issues such as ingrown hairs & pigmentation issues etc.

Outside of the spa, Ghea loves going to the beach and exercising. Her life motto is  “Be Kind Always”. She is passionate about helping others.









Raunette Celeste Vaughn

Raunette Celeste Vaughn

Spa Owner in California / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


A California native and licensed esthetician since 2000, Raunette specializes in a wide variety of skin care and specialty wellness services, with a conscious approach to selecting products that are effective, holistic and eco-friendly. She is one of a handful of pioneers who brought professional sugaring hair removal to the United States. She was certified in body sugaring in 2003 and began certifying fellow professionals in 2007. She has worked in a vast variety of settings and has co-owned a successful spa in San Diego for nearly a decade. She is known by her clients for her gentle bedside manner, and by fellow estheticians and beauticians from around the world for her leadership, professionalism and consistency as a sugaring hair removal educator and holistic living enthusiast. After hundreds of successful certifications, she has fine-tuned her teaching talent with a goal to consistently guide students to sugar with ease. As a mama of two sons, she knows the importance of balancing work and play, by honoring a belief that achieving her best self is the best way to educate and inspire others.





Shea Moyer

Shea Moyer

Spa Owner in Idaho / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Shea has been a renowned Esthetician in Boise, Idaho since 2010.  She is the owner of SUGAR & BLO, a Sugaring Studio and Blow Dry bar.  She is an Advanced Educator with Sweet & True Sugaring, holding classes regularly in Meridian, Idaho and traveling for trade shows to educate estheticians on sugaring techniques around the U.S. Her expert approach teaches industry professionals superior ways to remove unwanted body hair by sugaring.  Her students learn how to manage and treat their clients, how to maintain a growing clientele, and how to make every client feel comfortable. When Shea isnt spreading her love of sugaring or facilitating her growing business, she is raising two beautiful children while competing in Olympic lifting. Whether sugaring, growing a business or Olympic lifting, Shea is a match to be met.







Jenny Werkmeister

Jenny Werkmeister

Spa Owner in Oklahoma / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator


Jenny Werkmeister is the owner of Sugar Free Green Beauty in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Her experience of more than 15 years in the beauty industry and 10 years sugaring, along with a master’s in cosmetology and a certificate in natural health consulting show her love for education and growth. Her specialty is Brazilian sugaring. She is a firm believer that sugaring is the number one way to remove unwanted hair, and her passion to educate the best providers shows through in her classes. Besides running her skincare business and certifying sugarists for Sweet & True Sugaring, she enjoys family time with her husband and son. She loves to decorate and organize.









Sarah Mull - Grand Rapids, MI

Sarah Mull

Spa Owner in Michigan / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator

Sarah is a licensed esthetician, massage therapist, and certified sugarist. She is the owner of Wax-Savvy Studio in Grand Rapids, MI. She was certified in esthetics in 2006, just out of high school. Her experience expands over many parts of the beauty industry and has had extensive education in the spa setting and skin care. She has become renowned in her area for quick and “almost” pain free hair removal, and has been specializing in Brazilians for the majority of her career. Hair removal became her passion early on is always striving to perfect her techniques. She looks forward to bringing Sugaring education to her area. 

Her goal is to provide the most comfortable and efficient service possible. She believes in educating clients to achieve the best results. She is dedicated to her craft and enjoys making clients feel comfortable.

A body positive environment is very important to her. She enjoys becoming friends with clients and being able to make women feel confident in their own skin. There’s nothing more rewarding than making clients feel pampered. Using quality, non irritating products and providing the proper tools for aftercare is the utmost important goal. She loves to share knowledge with her peers and believes that is what brings success to this industry.

When she’s not running her business, she’s spending time with her husband and son. They love doing things as a family and enjoy outdoor activities, as much as Michigan weather will allow. She also loves traveling and getting to visit new places, brunch with friends, cooking, and live music.




Chelsea Gonzales, San Antonio, TX

Chelsea Gonzales

Spa Owner in San Antonio, TX / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator / PMU Artist


Chelsea is a veteran and left her government position after 10+ years in 2019 to follow her passion within the beauty industry. She has been interested in skin care since she was about 13 years old and would use her babysitting money for skincare products.

She has been a client of sugaring since 2014 and has been hooked ever since. Chelsea became licensed in 2020 and received her sugaring certification while attending school.  Shortly after graduation, she was employed by a sugaring spa where she worked for a year perfecting her skills.

She opened Bella by Chela LLC in 2021 and has been growing ever since. She specializes in sugaring, lash lift/tints, eyelash extension, facials, and permanent cosmetics. As someone who does not tolerate waxing well, she knew she couldn’t be alone in wanting to find a more holistic approach to hair epilation. Spreading the sugar love is something that she is extremely grateful and passionate about as a natural alternative to other epilation services.  

When Chelsea is not servicing her clients or teaching others how to build an amazing career, she spends time with her partner, daughter and 3 pups.  She enjoys getting tattooed by her partner, spending time in her community with their traditional dances, and frequents local metaphysical markets and farmers markets. 


Chelsea Levy

Chelsea Levy

Spa Owner / NY State Licensed Esthetician / WA State Licensed Esthetician / Bilingual Professional Sugaring Educator (English & AmericanSign Language)


Chelsea Levy Jenkins, a passionate sugarist from Central New York, is dedicated to elevating the art of sugaring and empowering people to feel beautiful from within. As the proud owner of Supernatural Skin LLC, she offers exceptional sugaring services to the greater Syracuse area. With over three years of experience as of 2023, she has built a strong clientele specializing in Brazilian Sugaring. She initially trained in Washington State before returning to her CNY hometown in 2021 to establish her business. Outside of her career, she is a proud wife, casual video gamer, and collector of an eclectic bunch of rescue cats.

As the first sugaring specialist in CNY, Chelsea takes pride in expanding the sugaring community locally and beyond. As a devoted Elite Educator, she is committed to sharing her expertise and empowering aspiring professionals with Sweet & True. Chelsea’s passion extends to the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing community, actively supporting access and uplifting those within the industry. As an experienced ASL communicator, she fosters inclusivity for Deaf clients and professionals while embracing the diverse needs of all clients. Collaboration and shared growth lie at the heart of her vision.

Join Chelsea on this transformative journey, embracing the art of sugaring, and making a meaningful impact on the world of esthetics!

Lintu Holman

Lintu Holman

Spa Owner in Nashville, TN / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator 

Lintu is a Nashville, TN. based award winning makeup artist with over a decade of experience with film, print, touring, and television as well as ten years of being an esthetician and Instructor for schools such as Aveda and Paul Mitchell.  She has had the pleasure of doing makeup for people and productions such as Dolly Parton and Tyler Perry Studios and currently manages Raven Beauty Bar. She specializes in Sugaring and also offers Lash Extensions, and Treatment Based Facials and continuing education for her employees and fellow Estheticians. 

She loves Kayaking during her free time and has a pup named Pan who is the cutest!






Aleah Thomas - OHIO

Aleah Thomas

Spa Owner in Ohio / Licensed Esthetician / Professional Sugaring Educator 

Aleah is a licensed Advanced Esthetician since 2019, located in Akron, Ohio. She originally went to school for fashion merchandising, has a strong retail background and was in banking for three years. This background has helped her tremendously in being professional and organized in building her business and educating her clients about proper skincare.

She is now the owner of The Skin Connoisseur, where the mission statement is “Where expert skincare and self love collide”. She offers sugaring, corrective skincare and body treatments. Body waxing was never something that Aleah intended on offering but after discovering sugaring, she has been hooked ever since. She started her own business two weeks before the pandemic with two clients. She rapidly built a solid clientele due to the education she provided on social media and in her spa. Aleah loves learning new things and is super excited to now spread that same education to professionals. 

“My favorite part about sugaring is how natural and eco friendly it is.”

When she’s not with her clients or students, Aleah loves to spend time with her son, traveling, roller skating and napping!